Flamenco is part of our World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, and Madrid is its capital. This Flamenco show and tour in Madrid offers a trip through time around the castizo neighbourhoods of la Latina and Letras in order to sample the most significant parts of the city where flamenco´s story unfolded and is still very much alive.

Flamenco Route Madrid is a touristic and cultural experience that invites you to participate in a dramatised tour about the history of  flamenco art that will captivate all your sense and infuse you with its most authentic flavours in one of its most important headquarters: Madrid.

We invite you to awaken your inner “duende”. We all feel a special tingle, something that captivate us when we see “real” flamenco dancing, singing or playing. Our esteemed Federico G. Lorca said “duende” occupies the innermost rooms of our essence, and this is what we will seek along with you throughout the streets of Madrid. Discover the most iconic sites but also the hidden ones, which inside you, are yet to be discovered …



  • Historical route with specialised guide
  • Flamenco rhythm class
  • 3 glasses of wines and 2 tapas
  • or 2 glasses of wine and dinner
  • Flamenco show



  • Dramatised historical route for groups with specialised guides
  • Flamenco actress
  • Rhythm class
  • 3 glasses of wine and 2 tapas
  • or 2 glasses of wine and dinner
  • Flamenco show



  • historical tour with specialised guide
  • Narrated tour
  • Graphic and auditory documentation


Find the passion for Flamenco with us

Flamenco Route Madrid is quickly becoming the ultimate flamenco show in Madrid.