The most 'flamenco' places in Madrid

The goal of this post is to synthesise the places where you can see the best flamenco in Madrid. There are many places which are left out of this post, and they all have their soul and charm.

Let’s start with the tablaos (Stages)


El Corral de la Morería

They say it is the best tablao. There must be a reason… the greatest artists have performed and are still performing here. Some are nights you fall in love with life again here.  And if you want to eat, their delightful Chef has a Michelin Star!

Address: Calle de la Moreria, 17, 28005 Madrid


Villa Rosa

Although it is the oldest tablao in town, their team is Young and full of talent, and the artists who step on the stages always give us the best. The staff are very friendly in their treatment and generous in their delicious food. The place is stunning.

 Plaza Sta. Ana, 15, 28012 Madrid


Las Carboneras

The charm of this place is in its harmony. Sometimes you can be surprised with amazing artists and there is always a very high quality on the stage. Also, they hold beautiful exhibitions.

Plaza del Conde de Miranda, 1, 28005 Madrid


El Café de Chinitas

A great place for both Summer and Winter. You will see world-class artists who can perform at a tablao and at the same time delight us on a grand theatre. Even their Serrano ham dances flamenco.

Calle Torija, 28013 Madrid

Other mythical tablaos have disappeared, but they are still echoing in the voices of our masters, such as ‘Las Brujas’, where there is currently a Sauna, ‘Manolo Caracol tablao’, where now other type of melodies are heard, o ‘La Venta del Gato’.

Have a look at this interesting article about historical tablaos of Madrid.

We must mention the great work of flamenco peñas (groups) in Madrid:


Escuela de Amor de Dios

Apart from being a very popular school, even for Japanese, American and other international students, we sometimes have the privilege of attending to Pablo Ruben Maldonado’s backstage, where we invariably get emotional when seeing the dedication, the play and the art that comes from this group.

Calle de Santa Isabel, 5, 28012 Madrid


Café Bar Ole

You will remember this establishment for several reasons, for it is an eclectic place. The wine is delicious, the tapas are generous, you may listen to ‘El Bicho’ or ‘Camaron’, whom you will see painted on the wall and if Rodrigo is around, ask him if he likes flamenco…

If we could go back to the past I would retrieve a very special establishment: Los Gabrieles, I would dare to say this has been one of the most spectacular spaces for Flamenco in Madrid. Click on the link if you want to learn more about its fascinating history or come with us on our Flamenco tours. If we have enough time we will relate stories that happened in this establishment. Don Antonio Chacon can guarantee that to you. Here is an image of its tiles.

Calle de la Bolsa, 4, 28012 Madrid

During the night, if you want to enjoy a drink listening to flamenco music, go to El Burladero, a place where you can listen to free (non-live) flamenco, always with a great assortment of Rumbas that will transport you into a more party-like dimension, something that is great when you are travelling.

One of the objectives I gave myself when creating Flamenco Route Madrid was to be a witness of the ‘Flamenconess’ of the places where you can see, hear and feel Flamenco in Madrid. It was after years of dance training when I opened my mind so as not to miss anything. Things are changing, very slowly, but changing.

For instance, years ago there was a great festival called ‘Flamenco pa tos’ (Flamenco for everyone), directed by Juan Luis Cano through Fundación Gomaespuma. Thanks to it we experienced unforgettable moments that are still in our retinas. We now are left only with the hope that it would return someday.

Currently, there is ‘Festival Madrid Flamenco’ directed by Angel Rojas. This is one of the best programmed cultural initiatives to see flamenco dance in Madrid, as well as Paco Ortega, does with ‘Flamencos y Mestizos’, surprising us with his proposals, we are very keen to see the upcoming editions to tell and delight you.

If you want to know more about the flamenco scene in Madrid, get in touch with us or book one of our Flamenco tours in Madrid.