5 things to do in Madrid with 'El Duende Flamenco'

Have you ever realised something strange happens to your body when you listen to Flamenco music or see a flamenco dance? ‘Flamencos’ (the Flamenco people) have a name for that, they call it ‘El Duende’ (The fairy or ‘the Elf’). You can guess the name comes from the agreement that the sensation described above is magical.

‘El Duende’ appears in the authenticity, it comes with chance and truth and is close friends with beauty and humour. It tends to leave an enamoured footprint in your heart.
What to do in Madrid on a weekend if you want to have an encounter with ‘El Duende’ We here at Flamenco Route Madrid suggest some tips.

1. Be open to the mystery of the present
Madrid is full of possibilities to enjoy. Let’s assume, in less than 10 hours, your life can take an unexpected turn with the skylight of our capital. When we travel, especially if it is for pleasure, everything that occurs has a special meaning.

Imagine you arrive in Madrid on a weekend and you discover a flamenco tour that will bring you that realisation. Are you going to miss it?

If you take the liberty to enjoy it, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Each tour is designed specifically for those who participate in it. If it is a Sunday and you are tired after an active weekend in Madrid, we know walking too much is not going to help, so we will make sure to condensate all the magic in a shorter itinerary.
On the other hand, if you feel youthful and want to devour the most beautiful places of our city, we will guide you through all of them, telling you stories that took place in them.

2. Immerse yourself in the flavours
You might be familiar with ‘language immersion’; putting absolute attention into a language makes us feel part of that language and ‘forces’ us to learn. Yes, they say it is much easier for younger people to learn through immersion, but we’ll suggest you something: come with us to our ‘Flamenco Experiences’ and allow us to show you the variety of exquisite flavours and smells our culture offers. Our tours are suitable for both adults and young ones. As an adult, you will be experienced enough to appreciate the flavours, and if a teenager comes with you, it is the perfect chance to nourish her knowledge through pleasure!

3. Meet lovely and feverishly curious locals
‘El Duende Flamenco’ is lucky enough to appear in a city that only has two winter months. During the rest of the year, choosing the right time of the day, it is an absolute pleasure to let yourself be surprised throughout the plazas, streets and districts. If you are enjoying this journey with people with similar interests and a passion for showing it to you from the heart, luck will grow.

4. Listen to 'Duendeando'
As you walk through the charming neighbourhoods of the city centre, turn on your FM radio on your phone and search for 93.2 on Saturdays and Sundays at 6 pm. You will hear ‘Duendeando’, a flamenco show hosted by the master Teo Sánchez. You will connect straight with the magic.

5. Discover the shops that will dress you like an authentic ‘flamenco’.
In Spain, we say “the robe does not make the monk”, but in professional theatre, we know costumes are very helpful to build a character.
Well, if you are training to be a flamenco, you need to find out how 'flamencos' dress. You will feel much better.


Come with us to meet the 'Duende'