When the night invites you to dream...

There are routes which emanate more magic than others, and this one, with our German friends, was one of them. It is worth mentioning this group of 6 women has been travelling together for years ever since they met each other through 'Elle' magazine in Chanel. Ever since that moment, they have carried on meeting each other to enjoy and share wonderful moments together.

We at Flamenco Route Madrid had the privilege to meet them and design a special itinerary for them, where 'surprise' played an important role, inviting us to live the moment very intensely and enjoy it together. Their elegance and experience led to warm conversations and very attentive listening to both the content of the route and their whole experience in Madrid at the very gates of Spring. 

I remember especially the dusk light in Santa Ana square and the delicious dinner at the Corral de la Moreria, resting with a magnificent wine, while the night invited us to dream.