Flamenco experiences

What is it?

They are a group of proposals that answer to a “tailor-made” Flamenco, that is, designed according to the needs and taste of the client, in which we include personal advice. The objective of these experiences is to share the immense richness of the activities that are born out of flamenco in the city of Madrid, and to delve into them.

In this way, we offer an array of activities that can be chosen individually or in combination with each other.

As an example, we can treat ourselves to a flamenco dance class and end our visit of Madrid with a Jerez wine tasting with flamenco singing.

We can also work out ideas for your event, such as weddings, celebrations and team-building, to make sure that everybody leaves with something they won't be able to forget.

The experiences include

Flamenco Route en taberna olivares.jpg
  • Flamenco wine tasting: Enjoy a dramatized tasting with the best Jerez wines, livened upwith guitar and/or singing.
  • Flamenco Class: Take a private or collective dancing and clapping class.
  • Flamenco shows: Shows that combines Flamenco and Theatre.
  • Meeting with a Flamenco master: Share a glass of wine and a good conversation with a flamenco master.
  • Visit to Guitar store: Discover the magic of the construction of a guitar.
  • Visit to Flamenco shops: Find quality shops related to the art of flamenco: clothes, shoes…
  • Flamenco wine and tapas: Taste the best wines and tapas in selected sites.
  • Attend the best tablaos or concerts of the capital on the day you choose to visit Madrid.
  • Visit the emblematic places where the flamenco life is developed in the capital.
  • Have fun with an event by the Flamenco Team Building: Enjoy a live flamenco concert, produced exclusively for you, your company, your partner, your event…



It was an unforgettable experience, I have seen many Flamenco's shows but this one different because although u don't like Flamenco, the actors make u love it. It's the best way to learn the history of Flamenco in Spain.It is a show that worths if you are visiting Madrid for one day.I strongly recommended this route to everyone. Thanks for the show, Flamenco route Madrid.Good luck!

Isabella B.


"Wire yourself into Flamenco!"An unusual walk around Madrid, knocking at old taverns to learn the flamenco history and evolution thru art performances on the living streets. Lavishing and colorful storytelling, full of music, emotions, and authenticity. Feeling the vibrating pulse of Spain while visiting unconventional places to stimulate all your senses. You taste fine wine and tapas, hear the thrust of the Spanish guitar while your eyes are not able to relinquish the mesmerizing twirls of the gorgeous flamenco dancer. Passion in a shot of time!"I found my Duende thanks to this Route!"



It doesn't matter if you already are a Flamenco lover or not, after this incredible experience, you will, for ever. Full of art, music, taste... Full of history and soul. You will go all over the heart of the city discovering its magical essence in each corner. It captivated me from the first to the last second... The final performance is just so deep and delicate that I almost cry! "Spain is different!" -they say- "But Madrid is AMAZING!" -I add-