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Flamenco Route Madrid is born of the coming together of the Historic Route of Flamenco in Madrid and what we call Flamenco Experiences.

The project`s creator, Amalia Hornero, with a degree in Art History, is an actress, theatre director, and a playwright. In the last few years she has been working on projects in which she combines her two greatest passions: Flamenco and Theatre. She finds that the fusion of these two Arts boosts our cultural heritage and encourages the idea of the stage as a meeting point, which makes it possible to expand the vast richness of both expressions.

Flamenco Route Madrid stems from the desire to share the fascinating path traced by this city's music, singing and dance. Although both Madrid and Flamenco have undergone their own transformations throughout history, they are currently evolving together hand in hand with our roots and culture. Thanks to that, the art of Flamenco has traced a path in Madrid's streets, cafés and corners, making this city one of the capitals of Flamenco in the world. Both Madrid and Flamenco unite in a dramatized route that celebrates history in a unique and unforgettable way.

Artists coming from both areas have carried out this project for the last three years. The combination of History and storytelling is possible thanks to these artists' experience added to the cultural heritage of this city. Our aim is growing as human beings and artists, blending fiction and reality in order to share our culture. Special thanks to Elena Mohedano that helps enhance the experience.

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